Specifications of CBR 2 PDF converter

Do you have a problem with a Ebook reader that can't read CBR/CBZ files? But it can read PDF files?

Here is your solution! Very easy to use


  1. Start CBR 2 PDF converter via the start menu
  2. Select your CBR File
  3. Wait..
  4. When the task is done, you get a popup right in your taskbar
  5. Output name is in the same location as the CBR file and has the same file name except for *.cbr

Or you can just right click a CBR file in Windows Explorer and let the program run.

Source code will be soon available on github: https://github.com/koen-github/cbr2PDF-Converter

Update: I also added CBZ support in the last version!


Program Running

Program running

Right click menu

Right click menu

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Notify Icon

File conversion completed

Converted file

History of CBR 2 PDF converter

A few years ago I started learning C#, this program was an experiment to learn something about C#. After following a lot of tutorials and starting to know a little bit about the new programming language, I actually build a fully functional CBR to PDF converter. After fixing a few bugs, also to make sure I had something that could be used by other people, I uploaded my CBR to PDF converter onto Sourceforge. Time went by and I didn't looked at it for years, until a few months ago.

The Downloads

A few months ago I found some old files on my backup hard drive. I also found my own written CBR 2 PDF converter, then I realized I had uploaded the program to Sourceforge and went looking if it was still there. Well, it was. It was downloaded a lot, about 400 downloads a week, for just a simple experiment I wrote to learn a new language. The total downloads were about 88 thousand, I was really amazed.

Future progress

I don't have much time to keep this project up to date, but I will try to write some new functions and updates once in a while. If you want to have a special feature you can open a issue on this page: https://github.com/koen-github/cbr2PDF-Converter/issues

My To do list contains at the moment these new features:

  1. Better and faster creation of PDF's from CBR's
  2. Support for multiple CBR's files
  3. Support for converting a whole directory
  4. Bug fix for bigger CBR's (some of them don't work because the images are not scaled correctly)

Authors and Contributors

Author: @koen-github